"Travel a thousand miles by train and you are a brute; pedal five hundred on a bicycle and you remain basically a bourgeois; paddle a hundred in a canoe and you are already a child of nature."- Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

The Traveler

The Traveler, due to its width, is the most stable canoe in the group. This boat is designed for almost anything you want to throw at it. It handles great fully loaded with gear going across a rough lake or empty for fishing and exploring those small elusive lakes that no one else frequents. It Tracks well, yet when needed it handles well in moderate white water. The Traveler maintains it's stability even for the taller individual. It can also accommodate a third person or two small children if you wanted to add a removable third seat. The hull type is a partially rounded bottom - ideal for all around canoeing. This is my personal favorite for all around canoeing.


The Traveler:                           The Traveler:
Length: 15’                              
Length: 16’
Beam: 36”                               
Beam: 36”
Mid Depth: 11 1/2”                 
Mid Depth: 12”
Stern Depth: 18”                    
Stern Depth: 19”
Bow Depth: 18”                      
Bow Depth: 19”
Capacity: 850lbs.*                   
Capacity: 950lbs.*
Weight: 49lbs.**                      
Weight: 54lbs.**
Rocker: 1 1/4”                         
Rocker: 1 1/2”
Cost: $5,650                             
Cost: $5,750

The Traveler:
Length: 17’ 3”
Beam: 36”
Mid Depth: 12 3⁄4”
Stern Depth: 22”
Bow Depth: 22”
Weight: 59lbs.**
Rocker: 2”

The Mediator

The Mediator handles much like its bigger sister (The Traveler) but with a streamlined design, it tracks through the water a little easier because of its width. You may find it a little easier to canoe solo in this model. If you have never canoed solo, do not be afraid to try it with this boat. Though the load capability is a little less than its bigger sister it still is very capable of taking two of you on a one-week trip along with all your gear. The hull type is a partially rounded bottom ideal for all around canoeing.


The Mediator:
Length: 17’3”
Beam: 34”
Mid Depth: 12 3⁄4”
Stern Depth: 22”
Bow Depth: 22”
Capacity: 900lbs.
Weight: 56 lbs.
Rocker: 2”
Cost: $5,850

The Access

At 16 feet, the Access turns quicker than the longer boats and still maintains a strong tracking ability. A very stable canoe, great for two adventurers on a 4 day trip or just an evening paddle. The lighter weight combined with the shorter length makes this model easier to portage. This canoe is great for a fishing trip or just enjoying nature. If you were looking for a solo canoe, this would be the model to look at. The 14' solo is meant to be paddled while kneeling resting your behind on the seat. Optimum canoer weight would be #180 or less.


The Access:
Length: 16’
Beam: 34”
Mid Depth: 12”
Stern Depth: 20”
Bow Depth: 20”
Capacity: 825 lbs.
Weight: 52 lbs.
Rocker: 2”
Cost: $5,750

The Access:
Length: 14’
Beam: 32”
Mid Depth: 13”
Stern Depth: 17”
Bow Depth: 17”
Capacity: 450 lbs.
Weight: 40 lbs.
Rocker: 1 1/2”
Cost: $5,300

The Guide-

Modeled after The Prospector (an old standard of the North Country) the Guide is a bit more rounded on the bottom than the others, but a great canoe for that individual that knows what he wants. Fully loaded with a week's worth of equipment, food and two people, this boat can travel through almost anything. The high sides help keep out the splash of whitewater on a rough lake. The inexperienced may feel a little shaky in this boat. There is a little more rocker in its shape, giving it more maneuverability. This is a solid canoe for the avid canoer.


The Guide:
Length: 16’
Beam: 36”
Mid Depth: 14”
Stern Depth: 22”
Bow Depth: 22”
Capacity: 1000 lbs.*
Weight: 64 lbs.**
Rocker: 2 3⁄4”
Cost: $5,800

*capacity is with 6” of freeboard from gunwale to waterline.
**all weights are approximate due to the nature of the building material and process.

Included features:

1. Handsome slotted inwales for easier draining when flipping it up on your shoulders and for tying gear down.
2. Painter tubes installed in the bow and stern for hooking painter ropes. The painter ropes work well for tying your canoe down on your vehicle or walk-guiding the canoe down a tough section of river. I place the painter tubes closer to the water line to enable better control of the canoe for such a situation.
3. Carrying yoke instead of plain thwart
4. Air pockets in the stern and bow
5. Oak caned seats
6. Added bow and stern protection 4 layers of cloth and epoxy instead of 1.

Optional features:

1. Removable third seat matching the provided seats. $90.00.
2. Decks instead of mini thwarts.* No charge
3. Show model is finished out glossy on interior instead of a matt finish $350
4. Painter loop of rope to tie your painter to. No charge
5. Plain thwart instead of carrying yoke. $10.00 credit towards total
6. Choice of streamlined or straight stems No charge


*Using a Thwart will cut down on weight and are easier to use for handholds. A deck plate can be crafted into any of the models shown.

A Fully refundable $1000.00 will put you in line for your canoe. All canoes are fully warranted against any craftsmanship failure for one year. If you are unsatisfied with your canoe upon completion, prior to pick-up, all funds will be refunded. Free Delivery within a 70 mile radius of Mooresville, IN 46158. Call for other options.

Van Hal canoes carry a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If any canoe is proved defective we will replace, or repair at our discretion, the defective part or the whole product at no charge to you. To obtain warranty service, you must return the canoe to our shop at your expense.

Customer’s responsibility to keep the warranty valid:
This would include but not limited to maintaining a good cover of varnish and repairing any scratches that may occur. Warranty does not cover defects caused by modification, alteration, physical abuse or misuse of the product. This is not limited to but would include storage away from the elements being sun, wind, freezing water. The loading of the canoe must be done with the canoe freely floating in the water so the water can support the spine. Storage of items in the canoe on land can damage the spine as well. When you hang the canoe also provide a center hanging support for safety and to take some weight off the ends.