Boat Sport and Travel Show Plus a few finished canoes

The" BOAT SPORT AND TRAVEL SHOW" comes to Indianapolis once a year towards the middles of February. It lasts 10 days and for the last 6 years you would have seen me there with one or more of my canoes. This happens to be the "Guide" 16' model. Some other folks were using it as a backdrop to their "camp cooking". It would be great to talk with you rather you would like to order a canoe or just talk wood canoes.

Boat sport and travel show 2012 013.JPG

16' Traveler  canoe with streamlined stems   @ 53lbs.    "Maga Jane" Has a mat finish on the inside to keep the weight down, more scratch resistant, more traction when wet.

14' Solo  "ACCESS"   40lbs.

Another 16' Traveler with  traditional stems @55lbs.   "Rascal"

17' Traveler with traditional stems

A 16' Traveler with traditional stems for use in the Ozarks

A 17' Traveler "Special"

17' traveler with traditional stems and decks.