2014 Quetico canoeing trip

I have traveled some up in the boundary waters area over the last 25 years. But that is minor compared to a lot of experts out there. So I'll just share what we enjoyed and leave it at that. There are so many opinions of what you should or shouldn't do, wear, look like that it can wear one out. It is a great place to visit at least once and you may get hooked like I did or even to the point of wanting to move there.

Once or twice a year I am fortunate enough to paddle the Canada Quetico or BWCA in Minnesota. Through the years it has been interesting hearing the thoughts of others why they like it or hate it. Personally my belief is that it is not a good idea to try and talk someone into going up there without laying out all the facts. Bugs aplenty, bathroom situation, dirt, weather, work. But if you love the outdoors like I do that is just part of it. There is a picture of myself sitting in a chair leaning back on a ilsland up there with a grin on. It fairly well sums up my feeling for the area. I just love to be there. The fishing adds a little to the factor but not to much in my case. Sure I fish, but I'd be happy to fish a little in the morning until we have enough for our evening meal. I'm ready to do a little exploring, reading, swimming and grinning. Well the following are just a few pics from our trip last year.

Click on the following pics and see a small taste of a trip